• What are the charges for labour if stairs are added?

    Rate of labour for stairs is Rs 200 per stair and will be added additionally.

  • For complaints, where should I message or call?

    You can call on our UAN or message us on our contact email or also can use our social media platforms.

  • Can I get same day delivery?

    The chances are really low. Since the processing takes time, it will take upto 2 to 5 working days to deliver the order.

  • Do I have to pay delivery charges?

    We are offering free delivery nationwide. However, if you want to return the order delivery charges may apply.

  • How do I know the area size of my room?

    With out custom built calculator, you can calculate the total area of your room and can order accordingly.

  • What are installation charges?

    We charge a certain amount per sq.ft for installation. This includes labor cost etc.

  • What if I can get it installed from somewhere else?

    You can get it installed on your own as well. Just click ‘without installation’ tab while placing an order and no charges of installation will be added.

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